Blueprint is a special livery honoring JetBlue's E-190 by featuring an x-ray view of the aircraft. Both the technical and whimsical views of airtravel are featured; from the E-190 specific yoke and heads-up display in the cockpit, to the piñata in the cargohold.

There are nearly 50 custom items on either side of the aircraft. To generate ideas I drew from observing people in the airport, polling fellow crewmembers, and imagining characters on the plane and why they were traveling.

My personal favorite is “Cowboy Businessman” (see if you can find where he’s sitting).

Photo: Chris Rogalwski

Created at JetBlue Airways
Art direction: Lashonne Duncan
Designer: Ciara Cordasco
Blueprint was featured in the Communication Arts Design Annual 58.

That’s all.