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I’m a designer who’s ready to tackle extraordinary projects through understanding, collaboration, and a sense of humor. 

Currently, I’m a designer at JetBlue. Before that, I’ve had the honor of working with and learning from the fine folks at Primal Screen in Atlanta on motion packaging and branded digital spaces.

At JetBlue, I’ve had the opportunity to work on almost every inch of the aircraft, both inside and out to create a delightful, cohesive experience. Whether using human-centered design methods to identify challenges and test solutions, or offering art direction to business partners and teammates, I relish working with a team of diverse perspectives.

Beyond the office, I volunteer with 826NYC, a non-profit creative-writing center for kids, by designing books written by the students. I founded Do You, a meetup for people who need peer pressure to finish their side-projects. Ms. Linda, a short film I conceived, was completed with help from regular Do You attendees. And I’m always interested in jumping into a new project or refining my design practice through workshops like Annie Atkins’ weekend on Graphic Design for Filmmaking or participating in classes through the Cooper Union Continuing Education program.

I’m available for contact on all the requisite channels: Twitter, Instagram, and email.

That’s all.