The wildly popular Diary of a Wimpy Kid book series created by Jeff Kinney has been translated into three feature films. Each film also spawned mini-sites hosted by Cartoon Network. These wimpy destinations showcased behind the scenes videos, free downloads, character profiles, and general middle school shenanigans for all of Greg Heffley's fans. Behind the scenes videos were released on a rolling schedule up until the release of the movie.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid Montage from Ciara Cordasco on Vimeo.

Greg and Rowley's Site

Greg and Rowley's site was the product of some serious middle school design thinking. Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2: Rodrick Rules involved Greg and Rowley's quest for internet viral fame so they needed a site to show off all their on-set pranks and hijinks. Greg's site is the same organized, hand-drawn style as his diary; a site prototyped with paper on a desk.

Loded Diper Fan Site

Greg's older brother is in high school. He's got a van. And a rock band...and a fan site. Loded Diper is looking to hit it big at the tri-school talent show with their new single "Exploded Diper". For the second movie they got their own site full of useful information like bios, tour dates, merch, and videos. Fake fans were generated to leave 'live' comments on videos as they played. Of course "Exploded Diper" debuted on the site a week before the movie premiered.

On-Air Stills
In addition to the mini-site, Cartoon Network also ran on-air promotions driving viewers online.

Created at Primal Screen:
Creative Director: Doug Grimmett
Animation Director: Jeremy Seymour
Interactive Development: Chris Silich
Editor: Brandon Bentley
Designer: Ciara Cordasco

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