JetBlue Brand Patterns

At JetBlue, patterns are a part of the brand DNA. Patterns are on the aircraft tails, aircraft interiors and customer touchoints. These are a few patterns I developed for JetBlue. 

Ribbons tail pattern, featured on the JetBlue A321 aircraft, is a simple pattern built of circles that creates the illusion of 3-dimensional movement. 

JetBlue’s A321 long-range aircraft sports the Airbus Airspace interiors, complete with custom illuminated ceiling panel. These simple dots in a directional pattern travel the length of the cabin. Ceiling lighting color changes in concert with cabin mood-lighting scenarios.

Happy dots pattern is designed for adding branded texture in print and digital customer touchpoints. The half and full circles playfully allude to figures and smiles. 

Custom wallpaper on JetBlue’s A220 has a secret message, can you decipher it? Using dots and dashes, the surface pattern references Morse code.

JetBlue’s galley carts are wrapped in a whole-can-of-soda-inspired fizzy pattern. 

Ribbons tail pattern
Airbus Airspace custom ceiling pattern
Happy dots pattern in use on inflight entertainment screens

Morse dot pattern on the JetBlue A220 
Bubbles pattern on the JetBlue carts

Created at JetBlue Airways
Designer: Ciara Cordasco

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