PBS KIDS Expansion Montage PBS KIDS Expansion 2008

An expansion branded motion package for PBS KIDS’ with and updated felt style. Over 50 spots were conceived and created at Primal Screen including system cues, station ID’s, backgrounds, and endpages; with the focus on characters Dot and Dash actively exploring their surroundings. I readily jumped into the process and contributed concepts, boards, background illustration, and later a brand expansion style guide.

Boxing (Station ID) PBS KIDS – Station ID: Boxing from Ciara Cordasco on Vimeo

Notes (Station ID) PBS KIDS – Station ID: Notes

Harvest Time (System Cue) PBS KIDS – System Cue: Harvest Time


Created at Primal Screen.
Creative Director: Doug Grimmett
Art Director: Donald Emerson
Animation Director: Jeremy Seymour
Sound: Steve Mank
Design Intern: Ciara Cordasco

That’s all.